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High Quality Competitive Price Coffee Wood Toy Made in Vietnam

High Quality Competitive Price Coffee Wood Toy Made in Vietnam

There are currently about 75 coffee growing countries, primarily in South America, Africa and Asia with about 10 million workers involved in coffee production.

The global total land area used for coffee is about 10 million hectares with annual output of about 8 million tons, bringing income to about 100 million people.

Currently, there are 56 coffee exporting countries the production is concentrated in 10 countries including: Brazil which accounts for 35.3% of global coffee output, followed by Vietnam (17.6%), Colombia and Indonesia (7.4% and 7.9%, respectively), Ethiopia (4.4%), India and Honduras (3.6%), Uganda and Mexico (2.4%), Guatemala (2.3%)

In Vietnam, by the end of 2022, the coffee growing area was 688,300 hectares, with average yield at 2.6 tons / hectare and the coffee bean production in 2021 estimated at 1,623 million tons. This gives Vietnam a huge advantage of available raw material for manufacturing coffee wood stick toys for dogs.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC VietNam is sourced from over 20 years old coffee trees, therefore it have no danger to the natural ecosytem, made of renewable coffee wood, making it environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, the extraction of old branches of coffee trees also increases their yield and the ability to produce seeds. As a local manufacturer, we believe and hope this sustainable product will be more widely accepted in the international arena.

CWDC Vietnam’s philosophy is centered in being a realiable and high-capacity supplier of Vietnamese coffee wood chew toy products by providing superior value to our customers and suppliers as well. In doing so, we have created our own underlying philosophy for environment, customers, suppliers, employees.

After 20 years old coffee tree are old and have low fruit productivity, which will be cut down to plant new young coffee trees. Our raw material is 100 % old coffee trees, therefore our business is sustainable, not harming the environment and farming.

CWDC Vietnam always strives to fulfill its mission for the environment. Each of our employees uses their own knowledge and skills to contribute to a better environment. CWDC Vietnam will continue to be a company respected and trusted by society with its core value of environment-driven business development.

At this time, our company is currently purchasing coffee wood from coffee farms in the Central Highlands region in Vietnam to promptly deliver to our partners at the end of the year, as well as preparing for a breakthrough 2023 plan.

CWDC VietNam is currently planning to buy 200 tons of coffee wood trees over 20 years old in order to meet our 2023 business objective. In addition to serving close partners who have signed long-term contracts before, such as the U.S, Canada, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, India,…  we will expand the market to additional partners.

CWDC Vietnam always takes the development and implementation of a customer-centric model for our operations. Each individual of the CWDC Vietnam community has been trying its best to meet customer’s requirements and even provide added value for our customers.

Our company estimates coffee wood dog chew toys output for export and domestic transactions in 2023 to be around 1,000,000 pieces.

Coffee wood is a close-grained wood that is dried and sanded resulting in a delightful and long-lasting chew for your dog. Contrary to what the name suggests, they do not contain caffeine. Your dog will love its unique texture and a sweet aroma this chew has to offer, unlike forest trees the coffee wood plant has a very low risk of splintering.

Coffee wood chew toys from CWDC Vietnam don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or any of the most common food allergens,making them perfect for dogs that have allergies or are overweight. Coffee wood chew toy from CWDC Vietnam has a natural aroma which is attractive dogs.

From the early days of establishment, CWDC Vietnam has aimed to become a reliable and high-capacity supplier of coffee wood chew toy for dogs for both domestic and international customers.

For export business, we have strongly committed to our statement “CWDC Vietnam – the bridge between Vietnamese coffee wood chew toy products and international customers”. This statement is the leading way to our vision – Be Your Real Partner.

Through our commitment to quality in both products and customer service, we aim to satisfy our customer expectations and be a real partner with our customers. In order to achieve this ambitious and challenging goal, we have made constant progress in human resources quality management and engaged them to contribute towards impartial partnerships with our customers.

With the ambition to be the international customers’ first choice of Vietnamese coffee wood chew toys products, CWDC Vietnam has constantly improved itself in all aspects, especially product quality management and customer service.

We understand that dedication, honesty and in depth knowledge are the most decisive factors for a sustainable business. Therefore, we have trained our staff to have a good set of skills – adaptability and flexibility, which has helped us to quickly adapt to any changes from both the markets and customers amid the constantly-changing world.

The trust and support of our customers over the years is a great motivation for us to move forward and continue improving our product quality management and customer service as well. This is our commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of all customers when partnering with us.

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