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Vietnam Coffee Wood Chew Stick Toy Manufacturer Supplier B2B

Vietnam Coffee Wood Chew Stick Toy Manufacturer Supplier B2B

Every year, from November to December, farmers in the Central Highlands provinces of Vietnam, such as Gia Lai, Lam Dong, Dak Lak, and Kontum are busy with the biggest coffee crop of the year. The harvest is still​ a traditional activity here that highlights the tremendous and diverse cultural heritage of the country.

This is also the time of year when CWDC Vietnam focuses on purchasing a large amounts of coffee wood (raw material is only coffee trees over 20 years old) for the coming year in order to service domestic and international partners at the end of 2022 and the whole year 2023.

This year, in November, the coffee harvest for the 2022-2023 crop year has officially begun; in the crop year, farmers are very excited when the coffee prices have a better signal and the yield is higher than the previous crop.

After Brazil, Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world and the world’s top producer of Robusta coffee. Currently, Vietnam has over 695 thousand hectares of coffee-growing area, with an annual production of more than 1.7 million tons, with the majority of it located in the Central Highlands, with an area of 585 thousand hectares and an annual output of approximately 1668 million tons.

Experts predict that the coffee output in the crop year 2022-2023 would be higher than the previous year. According to the USDA, Vietnamese coffee output in the coffee year 2022-2023 will be 31.9 million bags, up 1.9 million bags from the previous crop year.

Despite the tough year of 2022 in the global economic market, with the efforts of our staff, CWDC Vietnam nevertheless completed and achieved the coffee wood dog chew toys exports target in 2022, thanks to the efforts of our staff.

Let’s take a look back in the year 2022, CWDC Vietnam successfully traded over 700,000 pieces of coffee wood dog chew toys both domestically and internationally.

At this time, our company is currently purchasing coffee wood from coffee farms in the Central Highlands region in Vietnam to promptly deliver to our partners at the end of the year, as well as preparing for a breakthrough 2023 plan.

CWDC Vietnam is currently planning to buy 200 tons of coffee wood trees over 20 years old in order to meet our 2023 business objective.

In addition to serving close partners who have signed long-term contracts before, such as the U.S, Canada, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, India,…  we will expand the market to additional partners.

Our company estimates coffee wood dog chew toys output for export and domestic transactions in 2023 to be around 1,000,000 pieces.

In addition to increasing purchases and sales, we are also implementing a program to assist farmers to grow coffee sustainably and and help them have more income.

Coffee wood dog chew toy from CWDC Vietnam has natural aroma which attract dogs and bring them the excited feeling during chew.

Due to the extremely tight bond of the fibers, coffee tree wood hardly splinters and is significantly harder than the wood from native forests.

Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs help strengthen dog jaw’s muscles and reduce stress. natural fibers from coffee chew act as dental flosses that remove tartar and plague build up on dog’s teeth.

Coffee wood chews are not only eco-friendly but also have many benefits to our dogs.

This wood is the best wood for dogs to chew since it contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein.

It is ideal for cleaning long-lasting tartar or plaque on dog’s teeth. Coffee wood chew is available from small to large sizes so puppies can also use this wood chew.

During the process of chewing, fine wood fibers are released by the dog’s saliva. These are harmless and can be digested without a problem. Additionally, the dog is motivated by the sense of achievement.

Coffee wood dog chew toy is suitable for all dogs including overweight dogs and those with allergies.

To ensure there is a chew for all dogs, our sticks come in several sizes. Additionally, we don’t harm the environment in our production process.

CWDC Vietnam is a manufacturer and wholesaler of coffee wood chew from Vietnam. We offer coffee wood chew and other dog wood chew toys in different shapes and sizes based on customer’s requirements.

We, CWDC Vietnam are proud to be one of the leading enterprises in exporting coffee wood dog chew toys products in Viet Nam.

After the production process, the coffee wood chew toy products are packed, preserved and loaded onto the container (or cartons) and transported to the seaport, ready to cross the sea to the world.

With customers and partners from many countries, we bring more than 700,000 pieces of Vietnamese coffee wood dog chew toys to all five continents every year.

CWDC Vietnam aims to build a sustainable coffee wood dog chew toys with a green and clean environment, connecting the community and developing society. Especially supporting farmers, while promoting local economic development.

CWDC Vietnam will be one of the pioneers in coffee wood for dogs in Viet Nam, thereby bringing Vietnamese coffee wood toy products to a new level by meeting the strict standards of the world’s most demanding markets.

We, CWDC Vietnam build trust with domestic and international customers by prestige, quality, benefit sharing, and kindness.

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