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Coffee Wood Chews are made from the branches of the coffee tree. These are sustainably harvested through the the natural pruning process coffee farmers grown at Central Highlands of Vietnam. Coffee wood is a very dense wood that provides a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog. As a natural wood product it will chew down but does not produce sharp splinters.

Coffee wood is a natural by-product from the harvesting of coffee beans. During harvesting, no tree is cut down or uprooted for the sole purpose of making these natural dental chews. Only coffee trees over 20 years old which have low bean yield are cut down to manufacture coffee wood chew. No tree had to die as the chewing sticks are made from scrap wood that is produced when the coffee plants are rejuvenated.

Coffee Wood Chew is also called Java Wood Chew because Java Wood is another less-known name of Coffee Wood

Yes, All natural from the VietNam. Vietnam is well known as the second largest exporter of coffee beans which means Vietnam has abundant source of coffee trees, giving Vietnam an advantage of manufacturing Coffee Wood Chews compared to other countries.

It’s made from 20 years old coffee plants. This product is made of 100% natural coffee wood, nothing else. When a coffee plant reaches 20 years old, farmers often cut it down to grow new ones, which produce higher quality coffee beans. At this point, as the wood becomes harder and firmer than younger ones, our farmers use the branches to make healthy and long-lasting chew toys for dogs.

  • Safe & 100% natural: it is made from coffee plants, 100% natural, nothing else. It’s FREE from caffeine, artificial ingredients, and additives. It’s safe, non-toxic, and even safer than chewing real sticks. Real coffee wood will cause no allergy to your dogs.
  • Healthy: This chew can help clean your dog’s teeth naturally as they chew on the stick, helping to fight plaque and tartar buildup. Fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush.
  • Durable: The density and hardness of the coffee wood chew ensures that this toy will last a long time, even against the most powerful of chewers.

Yes, suitable for every breed & size: the coffee wood chewing stick is available in different sizes from XS – XL and therefore suitable for every dog, every age and every breed. You can choose the one that’s most suited to your dog. Please note that our chews are sourced from naturally cultivated trees and are hand-cut,hence no two pieces will be exactly alike.

While the product itself is made with 100% natural coffee wood, it does not contain caffeine or any other synthetics. No artificial additives and free from ingredients of animal origin. The coffee wood chew will not splinter into sharp pieces that can injure dogs’ mouths. With Zero calories, this chew toy is an ideal alternative to chews that contain fat or sugar.

The coffee wood chews are perfectly safe. The soft and tiny fibers that come from the wood can be swallowed and digested without any harm to your dog. It promotes mechanical cleaning of the teeth and strengthens the jaw muscles. Chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibers that have an additional cleaning and dental floss effect on the teeth. Through abrasive chews’ natural chewing process, your dogs will have natural dental care with every bite and no worries about gum disease or plaque. 

Get our Coffee Wood Chew anytime and any way – because we’re sure your doggo will stick to it like a best friend!