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Coconut Husk Rope

Coconut Husk Rope

Introducing Coconut Husk Rope, a pull toy that not only entertains but also promotes dental health effortlessly. Crafted from 100% natural and sustainably sourced coconut husk, this toy offers a playful way to scrub your pet’s teeth.
Maintaining dental hygiene is paramount for your pet’s overall well-being. With Coconut Husk Rope, you can trust that your dog or cat is naturally cleaning their teeth while enjoying playtime.

Is it safe for my dog to consume?
While coconut husk is generally safe and digestible in small amounts, it’s essential to supervise your pet during playtime. However, please note that this toy should be treated as such and not as food meant for ingestion.

How durable is it?
The durability of the toy varies based on your pet’s playstyle and chewing habits. On average, it lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.

Benefits of Coconut Husk:
  • Made from 100% natural coconut husk
  • Long-lasting and free from artificial ingredients
  • Helps satisfy chewing urges and promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Relieves stress and reduces tension in new environments or during travel
  • Combats boredom and enhances enjoyment
  • Vegan, zero calories, and extra tough

Size L

Diameter: 2.5-3 Cm
Length: 26-28 Cm
Weight: 65 – 70 G

Size M

Diameter: 1.8-2.2 Cm
Length: 21-23 Cm
Weight: 35 – 40 G

Size S

Diameter: 1.5-1.8 Cm
Length: 18-19 Cm
Weight: 25 - 30 G

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