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Java Wood Reptile Hideout

Java Wood Reptile Hideout

In the world of reptile care and vivarium aesthetics, the Java Wood Reptile Hideout (Java Wood is another less-known name of Coffee Wood) by CWDC VietNam stands out as a novel and eco-friendly addition. Providing a natural sanctuary for reptiles, this hideout is crafted from the robust wood of mature coffee trees that have stopped bearing fruit.

Java Wood Reptile Hideout isn’t just a functional element in a reptile’s habitat; it’s an art piece. Meticulously hand-crafted, each hideout is unique, echoing the natural charm of its source — the venerable coffee tree. These trees are repurposed when they cease fruit production, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Java Wood is renowned for its durability. Its dense nature ensures longevity, making it an ideal material for a reptile hideout. As an added benefit, by repurposing coffee trees that no longer bear fruit, CWDC VietNam contributes to sustainable forestry and reduces waste.

Key Features of the Java Wood Reptile Hideout:

  • Versatile Habitat Addition: Suitable for a wide range of creatures, from snakes and lizards to frogs, spiders, and even pocket pets.
  • Solid & Stable: The inherent heft of the Java Wood ensures the hideout remains steady, offering an unwavering sanctuary for your pet.
  • Nature-Inspired Design: Its organic look seamlessly complements any terrarium, enhancing its natural ambiance.
  • Stress Relief for Pets: The hideout provides a tranquil refuge, crucial for the well-being of many reptiles and amphibians.
  • Eco-conscious Choice: Crafting the hideout from retired coffee trees underscores CWDC VietNam’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Proudly manufactured in Vietnam, the product exemplifies skilled artisanship.

Size L

Diameter: 11 - 13 Cm
Length: 12 Cm
Weight: 500 - 650 G

Size M

Diameter: 8.0 - 10 Cm
Length: 11 Cm
Weight: 350 - 500 G

Size S

Diameter: 5.0 - 7.0 Cm
Length: 10 Cm
Weight: 200 - 350 G

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