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Coffee Hemp Ball Chews

Coffee Hemp Ball Chews

In the world of pet toys, the combination of hemp rope and coffee wood is gaining popularity for its numerous benefits, ranging from sustainability to dental health. Hemp rope and coffee wood are both renewable resources, making them environmentally friendly choices for dog toys. Hemp grows quickly with minimal environmental impact, while coffee wood is sourced from responsibly managed plantations. By opting for toys made from these materials, pet owners can support sustainable practices and reduce their ecological footprint.

Known for their strength and resilience, hemp rope and coffee wood create dog toys that can withstand the rigors of enthusiastic chewing. The sturdy nature of coffee wood complements the durability of hemp rope, resulting in toys that are long-lasting and able to endure the playtime antics of dogs of all sizes.


Size L

Ball Diameter: 9.0 Cm
Rope Length: 30 Cm
Wood Length: 3.8-4.5 cm

Size M

Ball Diameter: 7.0 Cm
Rope Length: 25 Cm
Wood Diameter: 2.7-3.8 cm

Size S

Ball Diameter: 5.0 Cm
Rope Length: 20 Cm
Wood Diameter: 2.0-2.7 cm

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