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Java Wood Playstands Perch

Java Wood Playstands Perch

One of the most favored perches among avian enthusiasts is Java Wood (Java Wood is another less-known name of Coffee Wood).

Java wood is sourced from mature coffee trees that no longer bear coffee beans, typically aged 25 years or older. Known for its hardness, durability, and natural resistance to insects, java wood branches grow horizontally with twists and knots. Moreover, using java wood perches promotes environmentally friendly practices and provides additional income to coffee growers.

The Java Tree, crafted from a single coffee tree, is a natural perch option. Each tree is meticulously selected, with less than one percent of coffee trees meeting the criteria. These trees undergo a meticulous handcrafting process until they achieve perfection. The final product not only adds a beautiful touch to your home but also offers practical and enjoyable perching for your bird and other pets.