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Coffee Chew For Dogs / Dog Chew Toy Made Of Coffee Tree Wood

Coffee Chew For Dogs / Dog Chew Toy Made Of Coffee Tree Wood

Vietnam coffee in the last few years has been characterized by its rapid developing speed. However after a very long trial period of studying the potential of coffee growing in Vietnam, not until 1910 or 1911 did people expand coffee plantation in different places with business target.

That still didn’t create any better situation for coffee development and over half a century later, in 1975, the total area under coffee remained at around 20,000 ha with the production of between 5,000 and 7,000 tons of green coffee.

It is amazingly just 25 years ever since and the total coffee area is now 500,000 ha, mainly under Robusta coffee, with annual production of over 700,000 tons.

Therefore, we can say after 25 years Vietnam coffee industry has its area soaring 25 times and 100 times in production, that is 4 times in productivity. Vietnam has many advantages; the soil and climate are suitable for the growth of coffee.

Abundant workforces: Agricultural workforce in Vietnam is crowding, and Vietnam farmers are industrious and experienced in coffee cultivation and accessible to advanced production and processing technology in the world.

Old coffee trees on a total of 15,000ha will be replaced or grafted this year to improve yields, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s plant cultivation department. Coffee trees that are 20 or more years old account for up to 30 percent of the total cultivated area. Of this, some areas have low yields of less than 1.5 tons per hectare.

In addition, there are over 40,000 hectares of trees that are stunted. As such, the total area of coffee plants that needs to be replaced or converted is 140-160,000 hectares in the next five to 10 years.

The Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) region, the country’s largest coffee growing area, has replanted or grafted 108,800ha of old plants so far, meeting nearly 91 per cent of its target of 120,000ha by next year.

Gia Lai Province is providing free coffee seedlings and farming techniques for farmers in an effort to replace old, unproductive coffee trees. Gia Lai, which is one of the country’s largest coffee producers, has about 94,000ha of coffee trees.

Of the figure, trees on 14,000ha are old and need to be replaced by 2021, according to the province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. In 2022-2023, the province has replaced more than 6,000ha of old coffee trees with new trees.

This year, the province has replanted nearly 2,000ha, meeting nearly 90 per cent of its target of 2,300ha for the year. That’s why our production area is located in Gia Lai province, Central Highlands of Vietnam. Our raw material is 100% old coffee trees, therefore our business is sustainable, not harming the environment and farming.

CWDC Vietnam believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility to enhance farmers’ economic prosperity, improve well-being, and conservation of nature. The recycling of residual wood which would otherwise be disposed of as garbage fully utilises the lifecycle of the coffee trees and protects natural landscapes from being cleared.

Only coffee trees over 20 years old with poor coffee bean yields are chopped down in order to obtain these woods in a sustainable manner.

With a farmer-oriented approach, CWDC Vietnam strives to address the most critical sustainability challenges and contribute to greater collective impact on the livelihoods and natural environments of coffee farming communities.

Today, import is becoming a vital part of B2B business. Each country has strength in making specific products, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam is famous for being the second-largest coffee exporting country. CWDC Vietnam company is built on a commitment to help Vietnamese farmers have a better and more prosperous life.

Coffee wood chew stick from CWDC Vietnam is the perfect match for dogs who like to tear up the house. Not only does it save the furniture, but it also relieves the dog’s loneliness and anxiety. Your dog will love its unique texture and a sweet aroma this chew has to offer, unlike forest trees the coffee wood plant has a very low risk of splintering. Your dog will enjoy chewing it for a long time! These wood chews slowly break down into soft and small digestible pieces.

Thanks to 100% natural manufacturing process, Coffee wood chew maintains its natural aroma. Coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam contains 0% of caffeine, sugar, or artificial ingredients. So, coffee wood chew is totally safe.

CWDC Vietnam is the standardized supplier of the best wholesale coffee wood dog toys from Vietnam. To be proud of one of the pioneers in export coffee wood dog chew to multinational trading, CWDC Vietnam is strongly appreciated and believed to cooperate long-term with many partners around the world.

Becoming a reputable export company in enhancing the value of Vietnamese coffee wood dog chew toys products, providing the best products where people put their faith in quality Vietnamese coffee wood toy products, CWDC Vietnam has been well-known as a Vietnamese leading and most prominent manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of coffee wood toy for dogs.

Our biggest mission is to bring the best value of Vietnamese coffee wood dog chew products to the world. Introducing Vietnamese coffee wood chew toy for dogs to the international market,  we aim to bring Vietnamese high-quality products to global importers at the most reasonable price.

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