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Coffee Wood Toy / Coffee Toy Dog Chew / Coffee Chew For Dogs

Coffee Wood Toy / Coffee Toy Dog Chew / Coffee Chew For Dogs

Despite inflation and difficulties in trade, Vietnam’s coffee exports still recorded good growth.

The world is facing a supply shortage, while Vietnam’s coffee harvest season is approaching with an expected increase in output, along with a good grasp of opportunities from the market, Vietnam’s coffee exports this year are forecasted to reach a record turnover of USD 4 billion.

The Central Highland is the largest coffee producing region in Vietnam, accounting for nearly 95 percent of the country’s coffee area and 99 percent of output.

The Central Highlands provinces will continue to advise farmers to replace coffee trees aged over 15 years, affected by diseases or have low yields. Provinces in the Central Highlands plan to replace old coffee trees on 19,000 hectares, according to the Steering Committee of the Central Highland Region.

Since 2010, the region has replaced nearly 80,000 hectares of old coffee trees. According to the coffee replanting project, from 2020 to 2025, the region will replant 120,000 hectares, including 45,600 hectares in Gia Lai and 30,000 hectares in Dak Lak.

Nearly 30% of other coffee trees are between 15 and 20 years old, and about 20% over 20 years old, which means productivity cannot be guaranteed.

Coffee Wood Chews from CWDC Vietnam are 100% natural dog chews with low coffee bean yield are cut down. Coffee wood chews are not only eco-friendly but also have many benefits to our dogs.

Coffee wood dog chew from CWDC Vietnam is made 100% naturally from coffee tree wood, without adding any additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. In addition, coffee tree wood is sourced in an ethical and sustainable way where only coffee trees over 20 years old are cut down.

CWDC Vietnam is a local company trying to promote Vietnamese coffee wood chew for dogs. Working directly with local farmers, CWDC Vietnam encourages them to grow coffee sustainably and and help them have more income.

This wood is the best wood for dogs to chew since it contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein. It is ideal for cleaning long-lasting tartar or plaque on dog’s teeth. Coffee wood chew is available from small to large sizes so puppies can also use this wood chew.

All dog stick toys are handmade from natural coffee wood and each stick is slightly different in size and color. Coffee wood chews from CWDC Vietnam don’t contain any traces of animal, calories, or any of the most common food allergens, making them perfect for dogs that have allergies or are overweight. During the chewing process, fine wood fibres are released by the dog’s saliva. These are harmless can be digested without a problem.

We, CWDC Vietnam are Manufacturer Coffee Chew Toy for Dogs in Viet Nam. We specializes in manufacturing – purchasing, processing and supplying coffee wood chew toys from Gia Lai province.

We always want to expand the operation scale, especially the export of coffee wood chew toys. Along with hope of sharing difficulties with farmers. Therefore, CWDC VietNam Co., Ltd. has been established.

Our products are carefully selected and screened before being marketed. Therefore, our products when delivered to customers are guaranteed the best quality.

Bringing “Coffee wood chew toy” – a wonderful Vietnam’s product come to international. Promote the image, brand and enhance the value of Vietnamese coffee chew toys on the world. That is what CWDC Vietnam aims to and strive for every day.

As one of the leading enterprises in coffee wood chew toy industry. To be become one of the prestigious and solid bridges between farmers and the market, between Vietnamese and the world.

We, CWDC Vietnam also will inspiring people who have been, and will be starting a business in the field of coffee wood chew toy products with an optimistic spirit, enthusiasm and full of desire to succeed.

Share coffee wood chew toy knowledge, insights, experiences and the most useful applications for the community. Contribute to building a stable and solid economy. Building social security, creating jobs for workers, helping farmers solve the output problems of agricultural products, … contributing to promoting economic and social development.

We always take product quality as a guideline to develop, bring the best value to customers. We put customer satisfaction as the core value. We operate base on transparency, ethics and efficiency. We constantly strive to improve, perfect and develop.

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