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Coffee Wood Toy Sticks / Coffee Toy Dog / Natural Pet Chew Toy

Coffee Wood Toy Sticks / Coffee Toy Dog / Natural Pet Chew Toy

Coffee wood chew toy for dog is a natural chew toy which comes from a special variety of plantation coffee tree in the highlands of Vietnam. Coffee tree is a very popular crop in Vietnam which is the second largest coffee exporter in the world.

CWDC VietNam is a priority choice of many foreign importers for coffee wood chew toy products for dogs. The quality and traceability are the business foundations that we have being constructed, consolidated and developed to be able to provide customers with reliable products.

All facets ranging from production to packing, shipping to distribution are under the constant scrutiny of CWDC Vietnam ‘s highly trained technicians to ensure only the finest quality products delivered to your institution.

The production of coffee wood toy chew at CWDC Vietnam has a positive impact on the ecological environment. Because unprodutive coffee trees, instead of being thrown or burned, will be used to make a natural toy for dogs.

As a sustainable development strategy, CWDC VietNam is applying an integrated production from processing and exporting and guarantees the international standards of production conditions.

As a result of high quality, reasonable price and stable raw material CWDC Vietnam’s products have been exported to over many countries around the world. We have more and more new customers. Coffee wood dog chew toy made from coffee wood has outstanding benefits to the dog’s health and dental care. With 0% artificial ingredients and caffeine, coffee wood chew is safe for dogs at all ages.

This wood dog chew toy at CWDC VietNam is available in different sizes from small to large sizes for all dog’s uses. It is important to choose the right size of coffee wood chew sticks for dogs.

Our vision is to let the world experience the perfect Vietnamese coffee wood toy for dogs by working diligently to deliver our coffee wood chew toy to every part of the world.

Implementing the goal of leading Vietnam coffee wood toy for dogs export processing market based on the principle of “Quality – Prestige – Efficiency”, we have been continuously making efforts to keep up with the increasing requirements of the market and to contribute in raising the brand value of Vietnamese products in the world.

CWDC VietNam is a global merchant and processor of coffee wood chew sticks. Guided by our strong values and building on our rich heritage, we work to realize our vision for a safe and sustainable future.

Coffee wood dog chew is suitable for all dogs including overweight dogs and those with allergies. Coffee wood chew toy at CWDC Vietnam is an ideal daily chew allowing your dog to chew time and time again thanks to its long lasting, extra tough form.

With hard texture rewards your dog with a sense of achievement, as well as helping to reduce plaque and prevent gum disease through the natural chewing process of abrasive chews, giving natural dental care with every bite.

100% natural coffee wood chew provides plenty of satisfaction and enrichment to your dogs every day. Furthermore, it also has variety of benefits to the health and wellbeing of dogs. Coffee wood is a very close grained wood that is harder than most native wood.

We recognize that our activities at all stages of the value chain have an impact on the environment, and touch the people who work for us or live near our facilities. CWDC Vietnam takes its responsibility for managing that impact very seriously, and continually seeks to minimize its environmental footprint.

Sustainability is central to our business model, and therefore a daily consideration for our regional and commercial teams, who address sustainability issues in everything we do, and wherever we operate.

As a global leader in our industry, we recognize our responsibility to foster long-term stability and growth, and to do business with integrity. Determined to lead by example, we continuously strive to stretch ourselves, learning from others and always challenging ourselves to improve.

We are committed to our customers, placing them at the center of everything we do. We are committed to our people, investing in them as our most important asset.

We are committed to our partners, working alongside them to reap the collective rewards of responsible business. And we are committed to protecting our environment, respecting our planet’s finite resources.

As a global business that employs and works with many people worldwide, respect for diversity in all its forms is part of our DNA. We strive for inclusion and non-discrimination in everything we do, encouraging open and respectful communication, among our employees and with the local communities where we are present.

Our growth and success are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit. We empower our people to create and innovate as we build toward the future, balancing individual initiative with informed, measured judgement and controlled decision-making.

We have sourced coffee wood chew toy products where they are grown, and transported and transformed them for customers and consumers around the world, working with a wide range of trusted partners – from smallholder farmers to global organizations.

Today, we continue to create sustainable growth in Vietnam through our long-term relationships, strong local network, regional expertise and joint venture partnerships.

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