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Factory Price Natural Long-Lasting Coffee Wood Dog Chew Toys

Factory Price Natural Long-Lasting Coffee Wood Dog Chew Toys
Factory Price Natural Long-Lasting Coffee Wood Dog Toys

CWDC VietNam Co., Ltd is a coffee wood chew toy manufacturer and distributor of diversified, pure and high quality coffee chew toy products from Gia Lai Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region.

Coffee wood chew toy is a popular dog chew toy on today market. This product is 100% natural and sustainable sourced from Vietnam – the second largest coffee exporter in the world.

Coffee wood chew toy is no longer an unfamiliar product to dog’s owners thanks to its outstanding benefits. This chew toy stick is natural and sustainable dog chew toy with high level of durability.

As a leading enterprise in purchasing, processing and exporting coffee wood chew toy products in Vietnam, over the years, CWDC VietNam has actively promoted cooperation and association with localities and participated in sustainable agricultural programs.

The materials to produce coffee wood toys for dogs are old coffee trees that are inability to give quality beans. Instead of being thrown away or burned like before, they will be perfect for making dog chew sticks with ideal hardness.

Raw material coffee wood is stored in a clean, cool, standardized moistness warehouse to avoid losing the color and the taste of coffee wood. CWDC VietNam owns a professional manufacturing team and processing line, a system of coffee wood chew toys for dogs processing factories, a proactive source of high-quality raw materials, and intensive experience, CWDC VietNam’s production process is always strictly controlled, from input materials to output products.

Coffee wood chew toys contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffeine which is suitable for all dogs even dogs with weight issues. Coffee wood chew toys can be suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Your aggressive dogs will be silent and calm with a toy that is hard enough to keep them excited for hours.

Coffee wood is a close-grained wood that is dried and sanded resulting in a delightful and long-lasting chew for your dog. Contrary to what the name suggests, they do not contain caffeine. Your dog will love its unique texture and a sweet aroma this chew has to offer, unlike forest trees the coffee wood plant has a very low risk of splintering.

For many years, CWDC VietNam has used its coffee wood toy sticks-intensive experiences, constantly improving its products’ quality to create a variety and originality, meeting many consumer needs. So far, CWDC VietNam’s products have been available in most hypermarkets and U.S, Canada, Korean and Europe supermarkets.

Chewing on coffee wood toy is perfectly safe and the fibres that come from the wood can be swallowed and digested without any harm to your dog. The dog chew toy stick from CWDC Vietnam mechanically cleans the teeth and also strengthens the jaw muscles.

Natural fibers from coffee wood chew toys act like natural dental floss that help remove tartar and plaque accumulated in dog teeth for a long time. Coffee wood dog chew toy is available in different sizes for all of your four-legged companions.

All of our coffee chew toy products are strictly testing before delivering to customers. If you are looking for high-quality pet products, then CWDC Vietnam is worthy to check out. Coffee wood toy for dog at CWDC Vietnam has a natural aroma which is attractive dogs. Coffee chew is also sustainable since it is sourced from old coffee branches.

The extraction of coffee branches is not harmful to the environment. Coffee wood toys originated from Vietnam has a relatively cheap price and guaranteed quality. Our coffee wood toy is available in different shapes, sizes for your various choices. For large dogs, we should not choose small sizes because it may cause some troubles when our dogs accidentally swallowed it.

Thanks to its natural characteristics, it’s not hard for us to preserve this dog chew toy. We just need to store it in a dry place, avoid moisture to keep its good quality for a long time.

Our mission is satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers to the fullest extent through the provision of high-quality goods and services. Ensure the quality of products and services, keep our commitments to customers and partners.

Act with the highest responsibility for the benefit of customers, shareholders, employees and the social community. Use resources efficiently, create the highest value. Proficiency in work, in-depth understanding of the job we are in charge of. Always proactively work and creatively find better ways to complete the tasks.

Certain in individual and department goals which aim to accomplish organizational goals and treat people properly. Our Vision is becoming a leading brand in the production and trade of coffee wood toys products in Southeast Asia. Engage your favourite community and passion for coffee wood chew toys, providing a standard definition of coffee chew toy for dogs. Bring consumers quality products, friendly and creative.

Aspiration to reach internationally, sustainable development. We are creating endlessly and challenging competition. CWDC Vietnam has been building a sustainable coffee wood chew toys business in aspect of environment, society and livelihood of every link between farmers and coffee wood chew toys exporters.

To achieve this, CWDC Vietnam has cooperated with localities in key material areas, built training programs on sustainable agriculture for farmers, and improved the quality of coffee wood. Not only the training program, CWDC VietNam has also organized a loan program to support farmers in coffee wood chew toys production and business activities.

Coffee Wood Chew Toy from CWDC VietNam is made from the finest coffee wood over 20 years old found only in the highlands of Vietnam. We are proud that coffee wood chew toy for dogs is made without any artificial colorants, flavors or preservatives.

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