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Coffee wood dog chew review – It is available in 7 sizes

Coffee wood dog chew review – It is available in 7 sizes

Coffee wood dog chew from CWDC Vietnam is a completely natural and long lasting chewable wood stick for all dogs is a 100% natural, decaf coffee wood chew that stimulates your dog to chew time and time again, providing plenty of satisfaction and enrichment every day as well as a wide variety of benefits to the health and wellbeing of dogs.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam is a very close grained wood that is harder than most native wood. Simply graded, dried and sanded to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew it is a completely natural wood product that can be chewed down gradually, satisfying your dog’s natural need to chew, helping to prevent boredom and promoting good dental health.  

Suitable for dogs of all ages coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam is available in 7 sizes making it ideal for dogs of all physical condition, breed, size and age, offering a healthy and beneficial natural chew that is completely free from all artificial additives and ingredients, animal traces and caffeine.

Are Coffee wood Chews from CWDC Vietnam suitable for ingredient sensetive dogs and dogs with allergies?

They don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or any of the most common food allergens,making them perfect for dogs that have allergies or are overweight. As your dog chews through the treat small fibres of the wood will fray, these can be easily digested and eaten all without harming your dog.

Coffee wood Chew from CWDC Vietnam Benefits:

1) 100% natural, untreated coffee wood stick chew for dogs

2) Suitable for dogs of all sizes, available in many stick sizes

3) Extremely beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your dog, offering an array of benefits:

4) ZERO calories per chew

5) Extremely hard texture to ensure a long lasting, satisfying chew

6) Promotes dental health providing dental care every time it is chewed

7) Helps to prevent gum disease

8) Reduces plaque build up

9) Satisfies your dog’s natural urge and desire to chew And much more….

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