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10 Common Questions About Coffee Wood Dog Chews

10 Common Questions About Coffee Wood Dog Chews

Coffee wood dog chews are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners for their natural composition and benefits. Here, we address 10 common questions about these unique chew toys to help you understand why they might be a great addition to your dog’s routine.

1. Where Does Coffee Wood Come From?

Coffee wood chews are made from the branches of the coffee bean plant. They are 100% natural, making them ideal for overweight dogs or those with multiple allergies. This wood is close-grained and very hard, which means it chews down without splintering. Most coffee wood chews on the market originate from Vietnam, a leading coffee exporter with a substantial source of raw materials for this industry.

2. Can Coffee Wood Upset Dogs’ Stomachs? Are Coffee Wood Chews Safe to Swallow?

Coffee wood chews break down slowly into soft, small, digestible pieces that are safe for your dog’s stomach. Only fine wood fibers come off from our coffee wood chew sticks, which dogs can swallow and digest without any problem. However, it is always good practice to supervise your dog with any chew or treat and to remove any small pieces if you are concerned, as you would with any other chew toy.

3. Do Coffee Wood Chews Contain Caffeine?

No, coffee wood chews do not contain caffeine. Thanks to a 100% natural manufacturing process, these chews maintain their natural aroma without any artificial flavors. They taste just like natural wood, ensuring a completely natural chewing experience for your dog.

4. At What Age Can Dogs Have Coffee Wood? Is Coffee Wood Safe for Puppies?

Coffee wood chew sticks are recommended for dogs that are six months or older. It is crucial to select a chew stick size appropriate for your dog’s age and size to ensure safety and effectiveness.

5. Does Coffee Tree Wood Splinter?

Due to the extremely tight bond of the fibers, coffee tree wood hardly splinters and is significantly harder than the wood from native forests. This durability makes it a safer option for your dog.

6. Is Coffee Wood Digestible?

When a dog chews on coffee wood, the saliva softens the wood fibers, causing small, soft pieces to flake off. These flakes are not sharp and will not puncture soft tissue. They are also digestible, meaning they will not harm your dog. This ensures that there are no splinters from coffee wood, only fibrous flakes that are safe for consumption.

7. Should I Choose Coffee Wood, Olive Wood, or Briar Root Chews for My Dog?

Among the most popular natural wood chew toys are Coffee Wood Chews, Olive Wood Chews, and Briar Root Chews. Coffee Wood Chews have become a phenomenon in recent years due to their unique and safe properties. As a byproduct of the coffee industry, we repurpose pruned branches of coffee trees into durable chew toys, making them an eco-friendly option. If you are environmentally conscious, coffee wood chews are an excellent choice. They are sustainably sourced and offer a great way to reduce waste while providing your dog with a healthy chew toy.

8. Is Coffee Wood Good for Dogs’ Teeth?

Yes, coffee wood is beneficial for your dog’s teeth. The abrasive texture of the wood helps remove plaque and tartar buildup as your dog chews, promoting healthy teeth and gums. This natural dental care is a great way to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene without artificial additives.

9. How Many Hours a Day Should a Dog Chew?

Allowing your dog to chew on coffee wood for about 10-15 minutes a day is ideal for maintaining their dental health. This duration is sufficient to provide the dental benefits without overexerting your dog’s jaw muscles.

10. Is it safe to let my dog chew on coffee wood? Can dogs chew on coffee wood safely?

Coffee wood chews are safe for dogs. The fibers soften with your dog’s saliva, making them easy to digest and safe for your pet. The tough and durable nature of coffee wood ensures long-lasting enjoyment for your dog.

Chewing is a natural and essential behavior for dogs, contributing significantly to their overall health and well-being. Beyond dental health, chewing on a coffee wood toy can calm nerves, induce relaxation, and keep dogs engaged. It stimulates the release of happiness-inducing hormones, enhancing your dog’s overall contentment and mental health.


Coffee wood dog chews are a natural, safe, and eco-friendly option for your dog’s chewing needs. Sourced primarily from Vietnam, these chews provide a caffeine-free, they offer numerous benefits, including improved dental health and mental well-being. If you are looking for a sustainable and effective chew toy for your dog, coffee wood chews are an excellent choice. Always supervise your pet while chewing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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