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Coffee wood stick chew safe for puppies pets at home

Coffee wood stick chew safe for puppies pets at home

Coffee wood chew sticks are manufactured from hardest coffee trees in the highland of Vietnam. This product contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein which is suitable for all dogs even dogs with weight issues.

Puppies are just like children when it comes to exploring the world around them. So there is nothing strange with the image of an aggressive chewing puppy. Puppies chew on objects during teething to minimize pain and help train their jaw muscles to become stronger.

Coffee wood stick chews from CWDC Vietnam don’t contain any traces of animal or any of the most common food allergens, making them perfect for dogs that have allergies. As your dog chews through the treat small fibres of the wood will fray, these can be easily digested and eaten all without harming your dog.

Why do dogs chew on wood? Many dog owners have had the experience of coming home to see wooden furniture or wood trim marked with dog’s teeth marks or even partly destroyed.

Chewing non-edible items is usually an indication that your dog may either be bored, anxious or suffering from dental pain.

Coffee wood dog chew is no longer strange on the pet market nowadays. Canophera coffee wood chew, or CWDC Vietnam coffee wood chew are some popular names that you can easily find while searching on this product.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC VietNam is one of the hardest woods thus it is not easily broken when pets chew on and it have natural aroma which can keep your dog being excited all day.

Its organic fibers, on the other hand, are great for your dog’s oral health. These fibers can be digestible in a little amount as a natural source of fiber.

Coffee wood stick chew is not only helps dogs release stress but also a way of imporoving their jaw’s muscles and dental health.

Natural released fibers from coffee wood chew act as dental flosses that clean up tartar or plague built up in dog’s teeth.

CWDC Vietnam Co., Ltd supply customers high-quality coffee wood stick chew at the best wholesale price. CWDC Vietnam is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of different coffee wood stick chew products.

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