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What is coffee wood for dogs?

What is coffee wood for dogs?
coffee wood stick for dogs

Coffee Wood Chews are made from the branches of the coffee tree. These are sustainably harvested through the the natural pruning process coffee farmers grown at Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Coffee wood is a very dense wood that provides a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog. As a natural wood product it will chew down but does not produce sharp splinters.

Vietnam is well known as the second largest exporter of coffee beans which means Vietnam has abundant source of coffee trees, giving Vietnam an advantage of manufacturing Coffee Wood Chews compared to other countries.

The production area of CWDC VietNam is located in Gia Lai Province in Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Coffee wood is normally collected from October to March next year, during the sunny season.

The coffee beans are harvested from coffee trees for about 20 years old, after 20 years old coffee tree are old and have low fruit productivity, which will be cut down to plant new young coffee trees.

Our raw material is 100 % old coffee trees, therefore our business is sustainable, not harming the environment and farming.

The coffee wood chews are perfectly safe. The soft and tiny fibers that come from the wood can be swallowed and digested without any harm to your dog.

It promotes mechanical cleaning of the teeth and strengthens the jaw muscles. Chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibers that have an additional cleaning and dental floss effect on the teeth.

Through abrasive chews’ natural chewing process, your dogs will have natural dental care with every bite and no worries about gum disease or plaque.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam is 100% natural product contains no animal or artificial additives. Its calorie-free formula helps keep your dog slim.

Coffee wood is therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies and represents an alternative to treats made with meat or sugar.

These sticks are available in several lengths and diameters depending on your dog’s jaw size.

The chew stick is a natural product and therefore may have differences in weight and shape.


  • Size M: For dogs weighing 10 kg up to 20 kg
  • Size L: For dogs from 20 Kg up to 30 kg
  • Size XL: For dogs over 30 kg

Coffee wood chews for dogs from CWDC Vietnam are extremely long-lasting. The materials used by the producers contribute to the toys’ durability.

Hardest wood trees are used by some manufacturers, whereas synthetic wood is used by others. Whatever the situation may be, businesses ensure that their wood chew toys are durable.

If your dog likes gnawing on soft materials but you don’t want to continually buy new chew toys, Coffee wood chew might be the answer.

If your dog is worried when he or she is apart from you, in strange and hectic environments, or when traveling, Coffee wood chew is a natural method to help.

Thank to strong and durable bond, coffee wood is one of the hardest woods used for pet toys. It is not easily released during chew.

After long time using, Coffee wood chew will be released into soft fibers, not as sharp debris.

These fibers act as natural dental flosses that help remove tartar and plaque accumulate in the dog’s teeth for a long time.

Unlike debris, fiber is easy to digest as natural fiber content which is good for your dogs.

Your dog will enjoy daily dental care and be protected against the risk of dental diseases.

  • CWDC Vietnam is the manufacturer of Coffee wood dog chew and other natural dog chew toys based in Vietnam.
  • CWDC Vietnam Co., ltd takes pride in being one of the leading wholesale suppliers of coffee wood chew in Vietnam.
  • We also offer coffee wood chew and other dog wood chew toys in different shapes and sizes based on customer’s requirements.

We are exporting our products to many countries such as USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, India,…

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