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Chew Sticks Toys for Dogs – Best Selling Coffee Tree Wood Treat

Chew Sticks Toys for Dogs – Best Selling Coffee Tree Wood Treat

There are many chew toys available from retailers but we wanted to introduce a relatively new type of dog chew toy – coffee wood dog chew – which can be bought in many pet stores or online.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam is a natural bone made of coffee wood. The branches of the coffee tree plant are harvested annually from trees from coffee bean plantations and are 100% sustainable.

Coffee wood is a very densely grained wood that is harder than most native woods and does not splinter, making it an excellent choice for your dog.

Coffee wood chews don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or any of the most common food allergens, making them perfect for dogs that have allergies or are overweight.

As your dog chews through the treat small fibres of the wood will fray, these can be easily digested and eaten all without harming your dog.

Chewing is not only helps dogs release stress but also a way of imporoving their jaw’s muscles and dental health. Natural released fibers from coffee wood chew act as dental flosses that clean up tartar or plague built up in dog’s teeth.

Chewing for a long time makes the dog’s mouth muscles and teeth stronger. Coffee wood chew is suggested for dogs with all sizes dure to its natural characteristic.

Coffee wood chews from CWDC Vietnam are not only eco-friendly but also have many benefits to our dogs.

This wood is the best wood for dogs to chew since it contains 0% of artificial ingredients or caffein.

It is ideal for cleaning long-lasting tartar or plaque on dog’s teeth. Coffee wood chew is available from small to large sizes so puppies can also use this wood chew.

All dog stick toys are handmade from natural coffee wood and each stick is slightly different in size and color. Slight cracking does not affect use.

Coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam is one of the most popular dog chew toys nowadays, made from natural coffee trees. It is hard enough to not be broken into sharp debris that can hurt puppies when chewing on.

CWDC Vietnam specializes in supplying high-quality dog chew toys at the most competitive price.

CWDC Vietnam is the reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality coffee wood dog chew.

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