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Wholesale prices best selling natural coffee wood toy for suppliers

Wholesale prices best selling natural coffee wood toy for suppliers

Coffee chew toy is one of the best dog dental chews toy which has great effects on cleaning dog’s teeth. Coffee wood chew toy is 100% natural with ideal hardness for dog chewing.
This coffee wood toy helps remove tartar and plaque build-up on dog’s teeth for a long time. Its natural released fibers act as soft dental flosses cleaning dog’s teeth and protecting their oral health.
We, CWDC Vietnam love vietnamese coffee wood toy for dogs and we love to promote our high quality products to the world. With passion for our work and a deep understanding of vietnamese coffee tree, our company has experienced a rapid growth in sales since its foundation.
Our factory is located in the heart of Vietnam’s biggest material zones and we are self-reliant for our resource. Our coffee wood chew toy is sourced from farms in Gia Lai Province.
The farms lies on an average altitude of 700-800m above sea level, under the tropical monsoon climate and ideal for coffee trees. The soil in this region is fertile, rich in organic minerals and porous with especially good drainage. This is a new area for coffee cultivation and it is free from pests and diseases. Coffee trees grow strong here; and the coffee’s aroma and taste are wonderful.
Coffee wood chew stick toy for dogs does not have any ingredients of animal origin or artificial additives. The coffee wood toy is zero-calories, so you can allow your dog to chew without worrying about its weight. This means that coffee wood toy is ideal for dogs with allergies and makes a great alternative to meat chews or chews that contains carbs or sugar.
Coffee wood chew is 100% from natural coffee wood in the highlands of Vietnam. Old coffee trees that have no value on seeds, after being harvested will be dried naturally in the sun. They are peeled, rounded and polished, completely handmade, natural and safe for dogs.
Growing up in the Highlands, the capital of Vietnam coffee, we, CWDC Vietnam understood deeply the hard but rewarding life of farmers. The plow hoes grew rusty from the everyday wear of rain, the skin grew dark from the hot sun and the coffee crops grew ripe thanks to the favorable climate and soil.

Since our childhood we cherished the dream of sustainable agricultural development. We wanted to see the farmers succeed. They were our uncles, our aunts, our neighbors and our friends and we wanted them to continue their way of life without worrying about their future. The two biggest crops which sustained the community we grew up in were coffee and pepper. We chose coffee.
Coffee wood chew toy at CWDC Vietnam is manufactured 100% naturally. It becomes a perfect alternative to platstic dog chew toys nowadays. Plastic chew toys are synthetic and artificially manufactured products, it means that any bits and pieces ingested by your dog could cause health issues. Therefore, coffee wood toy is a safer solution for your dog.

When we approached the people and became close to the community we began to understand their habits and practices. Together we began to share knowledge on coffee wood chew toy, especially on creating sustainable growing areas.
It is an ongoing effort to regularly product-test the coffee wood chew toy. We work to ensure crops meet and exceed the threshold standards for plant protection drugs, permitted by the Europe and Asian markets. Fortunately the area we work in is pristine and free of diseases – and we are vigilant to keep it that way!
With sustainable materials fully meeting rigorous standards, we deliver the product to hard to reach markets, and the market is expanding every day because the world wants clean coffee wood chew toy, sustainably grown and that provides a fair living for the local farmers.
With many years of experience of manufacturing and exporting coffee wood chew toy, we have gained a large amount of customer’s confirmation worldwide. Coffee wood toy at CWDC Vietnam is 100% natural and perfect for pet dental care. It not only helps dogs relieve stress but also have benefit of improving relationship between dogs and their owners. Our supplying market is diversified such as Europe, Asia, North America, etc.
We always stand by the farmers we partner with, we work together to develop their crops, we enjoy advantages in cost savings and we give them a fair price for their quality product.
We are committed to grow areas of sustainable raw materials, and to act as a bridge between farmers and consumers – the farmers who provide these beautiful products and the customers from all over the world who demand it.
Since the first day of establishment, CWDC VietNam is committed to bringing best values and services to satisfy all customers. Besides, we appreciate and develop standard business culture with core values: Friendly – Professional – Prestigious – Responsible.
Along with always listening, we understand all feedbacks from customers to build strong foundation for CWDC VietNam activities and ensure harmonious benefits among CWDC VietNam, Suppliers and Customers.
Our products are reputable and popular in many countries and regions around the world such as U.S, Canada, Korea, U.K, Poland, Italy, India,..
We owned factories and a system of long-term cooperative suppliers in the country to meet the huge amount of monthly orders and fast delivery schedule.

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