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Does coffee wood splinter ?

Does coffee wood splinter ?

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee suppliers in the world. Coffee wood sticks are made from old coffee tree branches, which need to be cut down to grow new trees.

Coffee wood is normally collected from September to March next year, during the sunny season. Besides, the rest of months, the dried coffee branches are still collected daily.

The coffee beans are harvested from coffee trees for about 20 years old, after 20 years old coffee tree are old and have low fruit productivity, which will be cut down to plant new young coffee trees.

Our raw material is 100 % old coffee trees, therefore our business is sustainable, not harming the environment and farming. We have many coffee farms here that allow us to produce coffee wood dog chew year round.

Coffee wood chews from CWDC Vietnam are a long-lasting, chewable coffee wood than will help stimulate your dog both mentally and physically as your dog chews.

These are 100% natural dog chews are calorie free, so can be enjoyed by dogs aged three months and over including overweight dogs, dogs with diabetes and dogs who may suffer from digestive sensitives to certain ingredients.

Coffee wood chews from CWDC Vietnam are also free from caffeine, animal traces, artificial ingredients, and additives. Coffee wood is a thick wood that gives any dog a healthy, safe, and pleasant chew. It will chew like a pack of natural wood products, but it won’t fall apart and it is very unlikely to splinter.

CWDC Vietnam is a leading dog chew toy manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam that supplies all kinds of dog toys at the most competitive prices..

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