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Coffee wood dog chew review – Is it OK for dogs eat before bed?

Coffee wood dog chew review – Is it OK for dogs eat before bed?

Since your dog gets his energy from the food he eats, avoid feeding him directly before bedtime, because the food will digest and energize him hours later — two to three hours if it’s a high-quality, filler-free food. He’ll be up and ready to go potty and play games, and you may wind up lacking sleep for the night.

Coffee Wood Chews from CWDC Vietnam are 100% Natural and Easy to Digest: constructed of natural wood and are free of toxins. When chewed, they soften and break down into safe and digestible fibers. This is ideal for dogs, who have a strong desire to chew; while keeping their stomachs safe.

You should not feed puppies too late in the evening, and we would recommend sticking to the three hour rule. You should feed puppies 3-4 hours before bedtime, so that they can burn off their food, and it gives them time to poop or pee.

Our Coffee Wood Chews are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. From teething puppies to senior ones / old dogs. That’s why the Chews are available in seven different sizes. Ensuring that there’s always one that’s just right for your pooch.

Coffee wood is a natural by-product of the coffee bean harvesting process. This implies that we shouldn’t chop or uproot trees. During the harvesting process, this is just for the purpose of producing these 100 percent natural tooth chews. Meaning that you’ll be doing your part to keep both the environment and your dog happy.

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