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Experience of raising dogs in eating with stick from coffee wood chew

Experience of raising dogs in eating with stick from coffee wood chew

Feed your dog with enough nutrients and nutrients

The best dog care is not necessarily to give them delicious food. Enough quality and enough nutrition is okay. Do not let the dog get hungry or too full. Especially puppies, they will eat as much as they can. The dosage should be balanced. Encourage your dog to eat dry food to avoid stomach upset and get the most nutrients. You can also change the taste for them by mixing more pate, sauce to make the meal more delicious.

Absolutely do not let dogs eat chocolate. Chocolate is very dangerous, can be fatal to dogs. Limit candy, cakes and sweets. If they are interested in junk food, you should buy treats for them to enjoy. Dogs love to chew bones. However, chicken and duck bones .. in raw form are very dangerous. Bone debris can tear the intestines and stomach. If you feed your dog fish, you must remove the bones to avoid choking.

The diet must be full of nutrients and energy. Includes Protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamins. Do not abuse drugs or synthetic foods. Be very careful not to feed too much milk for puppies, fishy fish, fat, too salty food. Especially do not feed dogs with pig’s liver and lungs because the liver contains many toxic substances that can cause cancer. It is best to give your dog meatloaf or fat-free meat porridge. Make sure your dog is well fed.

The chew stick from coffee wood strengthens the dental muscles and promotes the natural cleaning of teeth. The fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush.

The chew sticks are made out of coffee tree wood. They don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar. They are also suitable for dogs that have allergies or are overweight.

Only fine wood fibres come off from these chew sticks. The dog can swallow and digest them without any problem.

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