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Coffee wood for dogs

Coffee wood for dogs

Nowadays, we would like to introduce a really new product, ready to replace for bones, that’s coffee wood chew from CWDC Vietnam. The dog chew toy is natural coffee tree, handmade, no additives, non-toxic and safe to use.

Bones are unsuitable for young puppies, small breeds or dogs with short muzzles, such as boxers, pugs and bulldogs. Chicken bones are prone to splintering and are not safe for dogs.

Although each dog breed matures at a different rate, puppies should avoid chewing on bones until they’re at least 4 to 6 months old.

Puppy teeth are sharper and more fragile than those of an adult, and they can damage their teeth and risk choking if they’re given bones before they’re ready.

Coffee wood chew is to mechanically remove plaque that accumulates on teeth over time.

Neglecting to clean your dog’s gums and teeth can cause tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis leading to tooth loss and, in severe cases, even heart, kidney or liver disease.

Coffee wood chews sticks are 100% natural dog chews are calorie free, so can be enjoyed by dogs aged three months and over including overweight dogs, dogs with diabetes and dogs who may suffer from digestive sensitives to certain ingredients.

Why do dogs chew on wood? Many dog owners have had the experience of coming home to see wooden furniture or wood trim marked with dog’s teeth marks or even partly destroyed.

Chewing non-edible items is usually an indication that your dog may either be bored, anxious or suffering from dental pain.

Whatever the reason, dogs chewing on wood do more than damage to property. Your dog runs the risk of ingesting tiny splinters of wood, which can cause damage to his internal organs.

Coffee wood chew sticks from CWDC Vietnam can relieve the loneliness and anxiety of dogs left alone at home. For those dogs that like to chew on table legs, coffee wood chew sticks can be your furniture protector.

While chewing, the dog will bite out the wood fibers, which have the same effect as dental floss. The wood fibers are safe for your pet and can be swallowed when they are, unlike debris.

Fiber is easy and safe to digest. In addition, biting into coffee wood chew helps strengthen jaw muscles. Therefore, coffee wood chew is a great toothbrush, helping to prevent health issues related to tartar and plaque build-up.

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