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Coffee Wood Chew vs. Wooden Dog Toys : Which is Best for Your Dog?

Coffee Wood Chew vs. Wooden Dog Toys : Which is Best for Your Dog?

For dog owners, finding the perfect chew toy that satisfies their pet’s natural gnawing instincts while ensuring their safety can be challenging. Wooden dog toys and Coffee Wood Chews are two of the top contenders in the market, each having its own set of advantages and drawbacks. This analysis delves into the specifics of both to help dog owners make an informed decision.

1. Wooden Dog Toys:

Derived from a combination of wood sawdust and polypropylene, wooden dog toys resemble the natural branches that dogs might be tempted to chew in the wild or, unfortunately, in one’s backyard. A closer inspection of these toys reveals the presence of tiny sawdust particles, lending them a somewhat authentic wood-like appearance.


  • Mimics natural wood which might appeal to some dogs.
  • Harder chew texture might offer a prolonged chewing experience.


  • The toy’s scent is mild, detectable only upon close contact, and does not emit any smell when chewed.
  • Despite their harder texture, they tend to wear out relatively quickly.
  • Their rough texture can attract dirt and is susceptible to flaking, making them harder to maintain.
  • The toys are not purely organic, more akin to synthetic nylon chew toys.

2. Coffee Wood Chew:

Sourced from the highlands of Vietnam, Coffee Wood Chews are crafted from old coffee trees. After these trees have served their primary purpose of seed production, they are sun-dried, peeled, rounded, and polished, resulting in a completely natural and safe chew toy for dogs.


  • 100% natural, ensuring no exposure to artificial additives or potential allergens.
  • Emit a sweet coffee fragrance, which is often well-received by dogs.
  • Made from especially hard wood, promising a long-lasting chew, even for aggressive chewers.
  • Environmentally friendly, utilizing trees that might otherwise go to waste.
  • Zero-calories, making them an excellent choice for weight-conscious or allergic dogs.


  • Availability might be limited to certain regions or might come at a premium price due to the manual processing involved.

3. Conclusion:

While both Wooden Dog Toys and Coffee Wood Chews offer unique benefits, the latter seems to stand out in terms of naturalness, durability, and overall health benefits. Coffee Wood Chews not only provide a delightful sensory experience for dogs but also ensure that they are engaging with a product free of synthetic components. Dog owners seeking an all-natural, durable chew toy that’s both eco-friendly and health-conscious might find Coffee Wood Chew to be the better choice. As always, no matter the toy, supervision during chew sessions is essential for safety.

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